The World’s Most Connected Arena Will Work On 100% Solar Power

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Hundreds of Wi-Fi access points and an app that can ease the life of any basketball fan – those are just a few of the surprises the most tech stadium in the world is preparing this fall #objectmagic

Located in Sacramento, the Kings new 500 million dollars basketball arena is a modern technological affair. With doors about 60 feet tall, 150 feet wide, it will certainly impress fans from afar. But once they’re inside, they will discover digital surprises at any corner. For one, there’s an app that simplifies their lives enormously. It allows people to buy tickets to the games but also provides assistance with parking spots and seat directions, lets them order hot dogs that are afterwards delivered to the seats and includes videos and stats from the game in real time.

The reason they are naming it the “world’s most connected arena” is because there are hundreds of Wi-Fi access points on the premises, allowing everyone quick upload and download. Fans will be able to send half a million Snapchats/second (though we hope the game will be more interesting than their Social Media profile) with a data center on location that will handle the load.

More impressively, the whole arena will work on solar pannels and, in the near future, people will be able to set the temperature in the room according to their needs, since the stands are cooled from below, not above.

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