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How To Find The Forgotten Passwords to All the WI-FI Networks You’ve Used

Maybe you’ve logged to your parents’ Wi-Fi network last time you were there and didn’t make an effort to remember the password (and they can’t seem to find it). Or you’ve used a public network that requires you to type your password again and no one seems to know which is the right one. Either way, trying to log onto a Wi-Fi network that you’ve previously used after you’ve forgotten the password is a hassle… unless you know these tricks for MacOS and Windows.

If your computer doesn’t automatically connect to a Wi-Fi network you’ve used previously, finding the password again might be a challenge. But don’t fret – both MacOS and Windows systems do store the passwords used in the past… you just have to find them.

How to Find Forgotten Wi-Fi Password on MacOS

For MacOS systems, the Keychain Access is essential. How do you start searching for the right password?

1. First go to System under System Keychains.

2. Next, click on Passwords – that should be at the top of your window.

3. Done? Look for the name of the Wi-Fi network you’re interested in and double-click it.

4. Now, click on Show password.

Just double-click the password in the field to select it and copy-paste it where it’s more convenient.

How to Find Forgotten Wi-Fi Password on Windows

Working on Windows? Here is a tad more difficult to find your forgotten password but not impossible.

Let’s start!

1. Go to the Windows icon in the taskbar and right click it.

2. Choose Windows Terminal (Admin) or Command Prompt application.

3. There, type netsh wlan show profile. Tap Enter and look at all the Wi-Fi networks you’ve connected to so far.

4. Can you see the one you need right now? Yes? Then, type netsh wlan show profile “(Wi-Fi network name)” key=clear (for example, netsh wlan show profile “Netgear667” key=clear), and hit the Enter key again.

You’ll see a number of settings but the one you’re really interested in is Security. There is where the password will show up, next to Key Content.

Think you might forget these steps soon? Just bookmark this article so you can access it again quickly!

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How To Find The Forgotten Passwords to All the WI-FI Networks You’ve Used
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