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Think You’re Safe? Here’s How Long It Takes A Hacker to Guess Your Password

Can a hacker guess your passwords? Yes, and more easily than you think.

HiveSystems, a cybersecurity company, just released their 2022 “Time it takes a hacker to brute force your password” report.

This nifty table shows the importance of having strong passwords which combine uppercase and lowercase letters with numbers and symbols.

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Any password that relies on letters and numbers only can be cracked instantly, while a seven letter password with numbers, upper and lowercase letters and symbols would take a hacker a mere 31 seconds.

brute force password hivesystems

Want a strong password? Follow security best practices and choose a password of at least 11 characters, with both types of letters, a number and a symbol. 

How long does it take to crack that password? 34 years so, unless you seriously pissed off someone willing to dedicate that time, your account is safe.

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You can read all about how the study was done and how hackers can crack a password on HiveSystems’ website – it’s an insightful read! 

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Think You’re Safe? Here’s How Long It Takes A Hacker to Guess Your Password
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