These Ferrari Headphones Are a Must-Have for Car Racing Games

These Ferrari Headphones Are a Must-Have for Car Racing Games

When these gorgeous red-blooded headphones made a pit stop at our office, we thought we’d take them for a spin. Turns out, this Ferrari pair perfect for any car racing gamer.

You don’t need to be a genius to see they’re almost identical to the headgear worn by Ferrari’s team in the paddocks. On the track, they need bulky cups with excellent noise isolation to hear radio calls over the car’s rpm.

Obviously, you’re not in the pits but if you play for ultimate realism why not go for ultimate immersion? That’s done with solid noise isolation materials and design. And an app like DTS Sound Unbound for Xbox or Windows.

The T. Racing Scuderia Ferrari Edition nailed the comfort – look balance. The leathery headband cushion has vertical dents and sewn rims. It looks a bit too thin for my taste, but I was surprised to see that the padding is actually good enough for hours of play. You won’t get hot while hitting the track at maximum speed, that’s for sure. 


Then, you’ve got a metallic frame that keeps everything together and gives off vintage vibes Ferrari fans will love. By the way, don’t pull like a crazy person to adjust the size – those metal screws aren’t props, trust us 😉

How are the cups themselves? Let’s just say you’ll know what it’s like to be in the racing boots of a motorsport superstar with those babies on. The outside coating is plastic not metal, has a shiny texture, and comes in a fiery red color. On each cup there’s a metallic Ferrari insignia – the famous rampant stallion on a Modena yellow background. 

Like many T-model headsets from Thrustmaster, the cups can move left and right, up and down with ease.

How’s the isolation?

Pretty good – I like that memory foam was used for the cushions that follow the ears’ natural shape. Honestly, I’d recommend them for players with medium to big ears – kids may find them a bit on the large side. 

That said, they’ll stay put in gravity-defying turns and twists at the wheel without feeling constricting or getting sticky.

And when it comes to sound? Check the video above for that answer and more!

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