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These Guys Spent 6 Months Taking A Single Photo With The Ultimate Rube Goldberg Machine

While professional cameras are doing their best to help us take beautiful pictures in the least amount of time, photographers at 2D House spent 6 months working hard on a machine that does the opposite. David Dvir built the ultimate Rube Goldberg Machine to take one single photo.

Their photography-themed project began in January 2011 and saw the light of YouTube in July, the same year, but has only now surfaced on social networks. Dvir devised a complicated machine that takes 4 minutes to take a photo, during which smartphones, lenses, backpacks, tablets, balls and other expensive pieces of equipment fall like dominos, putting in motion other objects that ultimately help creating the picture.

At one point, min. 3.10, you can even see Nintendo’s Mario giving a helping hand. The cardboard figure matches perfectly the game on the Mac, prompting YouTube user Sterling Lowry to ask the team how they pulled that off. Dvir explains the confusion: “[…] The basketball rolls onto another keyboard and lands on the spacebar, playing a movie that was perfectly timed to the mario guy sliding across. The movie is one we made and used an image of the studio to match up with the spot in the rube goldberg machine and animated the action of mario jumping”.

These machines might make the photographic process funnier but it’s certainly something you should try in a safe, large studio with plenty of time on your hands and nerves of steel.

See here other Rube Goldberg machines by 2D House!



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