These WiFi 6 Routers From Netgear Look Sci-Fi Worthy

These WiFi 6 Routers From Netgear Look Sci-Fi Worthy


Netgear is jumping in on the next-gen Wi-Fi train with two new routers, dubbed the Nighthawk AX8 and Nighthawk AX12, which look just as cool as their names suggest.

Netgear developed this design, which resembles a Science Fiction-worthy stealth fighter of sorts, in order to make sure that the routers’ antennas stay upright. That position, according to Netgear, is the optimum one for the routers, helping them deliver the best performance.

Netgear / YouTube

Both routers can take on up to 6Gbps of wireless data traffic and they both have optimized quad-core processors to help them deal with it all. Netgear promises 25% higher data efficiency due to the 1024 QAM as well.

The AX8 comes with two 4×4 antenna arrays and 5Gb Ethernet ports while the AX12 is just about the same thing, except it has an 8×8 antenna array for the 5GHz network, a faster processor and a 5Gb Ethernet port.

Netgear / YouTube

If all of this sounds expensive, well that’s because it is: the AX8 will come with a price tag of $400 and is up for a December 21st release. The AX12 has not been priced yet and it should arrive with a price to match its performance, sometime in the first quarter of 2019.

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