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This Is How A Gamer’s Smartphone Should Look Like

asus z3 venom concept gaming smartphone
Maden Milic

Great battery life, awesome speakers, top-notch processor – these are just some of the crucial features for a smartphone made for a serious gamer. Concept artist Maden Milic knows that better than anyone, after sketching what should be the ideal device for those of us who are more on the road than at home, in front of a console #mobilemagic

ASUS Z3 Venom is the name of the incredibly cool device imagined by Milic. Black or Gray with red, black and silver frames around the speakers, the smartphone is definitely worth showing off. A real eye-catcher, the Z3 Venom has a 2K Super AMOLED 6.0-inch display that shows beautifully every detail and is run by the latest from Qualcomm, a Snapdragon 845 processor.

Of course, it needs a powerful Adreno 630 GPU with plenty of RAM (8GB) and a lot of juice to keep the game going. That’s why nothing less than a 5,000 mAh battery works. This gamer smartphone camera is pretty impressive, too; Milic thought of a dual 12MP sensor with laser autofocus and dual LED flash. 

The Z3 Venom completes the gaming or video experience with four front-firing speakers and an anti-dust mesh grill.

Now all that’s left is for a phone manufacturer to make the designer’s dreams (and ours, I might add) come true.

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