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This Pod-Based Vaporizer Is Trying To Make Pot Classy And Customary, Like A Cup of Coffee


Medical use of cannabis (as well as the preparation of it) is legal in several countries including some states in U.S., but pot is still frowned upon. Part of the negative reactions it tiggers is due to the way cannabis is consumed. Rolled and smoked like a joint, cannabis is only associated with reckless behaviour and cognition problems by those who have stayed away from it. That is why CannaKorp has come up with an alternative way of using it, more classy and definitely more customary: a pod-based vaporizer.

CannaCloud is a vaporizer system that works with pre-measured, nitrogen purged and sealed, one use pods that contain “high-quality ground flower”. As natural as it is, the content still goes through laboratory tests and under the expert eyes of a certified cultivator partner. After everything is rigurously verified, the company CannaKorp creates a variety of pods or CannaCups with different blends of sativa, indica, hybrid and CBD-only strains.


Back at home, patients don’t even have to touch the cannabis. They simply have to insert the pod in the CannaCloud and wait for the heat to reach the marijuana, without burning it completely. Afterwards, the vapors can be inhaled. Sounds a bit like smelling your morning cup of joe and savoring it for a good morning start? I’ll say!

CannaKorp is expected to reach the market in early 2017 and something tells me it won’t be used just for medical issues…

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