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Talking And Dancing Robot Phone Is Set To Launch Next Month

Remember Pepper, the first robot to recognize human emotions? RoboHon resembles it a lot, only it’s a phone disguised as a talking, dancing robot. Genius, right? #mobilemagic

RoboHon is set to make thousands of Japanese happy next month, when it will launch… at a steep price – $1,800 or 198,000 yen. Much more than an Oculus Rift, you will say, but then again, we’re talking about a talking, dancing phone here – it’s hard to even picture such an astounding gadget!


The cute phone has LTE radios, a projector in the head to display videos and photos at 720 p resolution, a small two-inch screen, Android 5.0 OS and three different voice recognition technologies. #biomagic

Sharp, the company behind RoboHon, has definitely invested in the talking feature instead of focusing on a big display, memory storage and other smartphone usual perks. Their goal is to seek apps that allow the user to give directions to their phone – from calling cabs to finding nearby restaurants.

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