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This Scooter Uses Gestures To Shift Gears

If you’re not a fan of staying in traffic and hopping in a metal case daily, you’ve probably given up the comfort variable in favor of small, two-wheeled modes of transportation. A bycicle is eco and keeps you in shape, but an intelligent scooter wouldn’t hurt either. This one might change your view of smart transportation #objectmagic

Scooterson, created in Arad, Romania, uses gesture control and predictive routing to make your commute easier by the day. First, it powers up the minute you approach it, sensing your smartphone opening up the respective app. Then, it suggest destinations you might have in plan, after having recorded your habits. Once you’re on the road, you don’t have to worry about shifting gears and accelerating on clear roads. Simply let your body guide it.

A first kick puts it in gear 1, a second kick, in gear 2, and for gear 3, simply sit – Scooterson will do the rest. The battery will keep you going for 30 miles at a maximum speed of 15 mph. The moment you want to stop and park it, you simply have to use the breaks and let it stand for itself.

What we liked about it: it’s a generous gadget, accepting friends “over”. Pals can send you a request to go quickly somewhere on your scooter and it’s up to you if you decline or not. Once guests are on Scooterson, the vehicle pairs with their phone and gives them an optimized ride.

If you’re afraid someone will steal it, don’t: besides the alarm that sets off the minute a stranger approaches, the wheels block and you get an urgent notification.

What’s more to say? Ah, you can count on a pair of adaptive lights according to environment, that will also automatically signal at corners. Plus, expect a better ride every time you take Scooterson out from the garage, thanks to storing information in the cloud after each use.

You can reserve a Rolley Scooterson on their site now, for a deposit of $143, while the vehicle costs $2.853.

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