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This Smart Bottle Uses Tamagotchi To Persuade Kids To Drink Water

Remember the hours you spent feeding and caring for your Tamagotchi when you were a kid? It was a poor substitute for an actual pet, but it kept you entertained all the same. Counting on the same effects, a company used the same concept to make kids hydrate more, but named it Gululu #objectmagic

Gululu is a smart water bottle with an interactive screen built in where kids can play with virtual pets. They can select their favorite pet the moment they turn on the dedicated iOS or Android app and watch it grow and have fun… if they respect one condition: drink water. Embedded sensors make sure children can’t fool anyone and actually drink the bottle’s content instead of using it to feed plants, for example.

The technology also allows parents to see their kid’s water intake on the app. They can also schedule play hours with the virtual pet, so they don’t interfere with school or sleep.

Gululu works with rechargeable batteries and comes with wireless charging dock to make sure it’s always working adequately. The additional sensors also help children socialize; if they sense two Gululu devices are nearby, they can pair them so the virtual pets can “meet” and their owners can know each other.

If the idea sounds appealing for your kid or little brother, you can check out their campaign on Kickstarter. You can even catch an early-bird at $89, with shipping date in September.

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