TikTok Donation Stickers Help Raise Coronavirus Relief Funds

TikTok Donation Stickers Help Raise Coronavirus Relief Funds

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TikTok is back with a new initiative to help support the people and organizations impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

After pledging $375 million worth of relief funds, TikTok now also enables its community to contribute to the fight.

The TikTok donation stickers is a new feature which lets TikTokers take advantage of their popularity and help their viewers donate directly from the app.

The TikTok Donation Stickers can be used on videos and live streams – viewers just have to tap them and they’ll get a pop-up window to donate, all without leaving the app.

At the moment, most of the charities TikTok partnered with are US-centric but perhaps the initiative will be expanded further.

Donation Stickers will prompt TikTokers to contribute financially to the CDC Foundation, Meals on Wheels, No Kid Hungry, The Actors Fund, MusiCares, National PTA or the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation.

The payment processor TikTok chose for the Donation Stickers feature, Tiltify, has also been used for other live stream donation drives on platforms like Twitch.

As you can see, you will be able to support healthcare workers or favorite content creators.

The best part?

Tiktok will automatically add the #doubleyourimpact hashtag to videos and streams with Donation Stickers and will match donations raised until May 27th.

“We’ve been impressed and heartened by the selfless steps our community has taken to help each other, and now we’re excited to be able to give our users another way to make a positive impact,” said a TikTok representative. 

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