TikTok Stories Are Coming - Should Instagram Worry?

TikTok Stories Are Coming – Should Instagram Worry?

Twitter may have put a pin in the whole Stories idea (or as they called it, Fleets) but that doesn’t mean other platforms, such as TikTok, are postponing those same plans. In fact, the company confirmed Stories are being tested at the moment and will soon make it on TikTok.

Matt Navarra first discovered tangible proof that TikTok was working on their own version of Stories:


Then, the company confirmed it for The Verge. Moreover, they did say it would be an “additional format” to the ones users already love: Duets, Live, and Stitch.

From Navarra’s screenshots, it seems that TikTok Stories would be very similar – if not identical – to those of Instagram and Facebook.

Users will be able to watch the content uploaded as a Story for a maximum of 24 hours before it disappeared. Content creators would be able to see who exactly looked at their Story and receive comments from those.

The new addition wouldn’t hinder the user experience TikTokers love. This would be accessible through a swipe from the main Feed or by pressing on a user’s avatar.

Can this Story bandwagon, that TikTok has now jumped in, become a threat for Instagram?

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It depends. TikTok is predicted to grow its user base by 18.3% to 78.7 million in 2021, surpassing Snapchat by 2023 with 89.7 million users. The growth is undeniable but Instagram remains in the lead with the highest number of users at 118.9 million.

As viral as TikTok seems to be, Instagram is updating its Story rules as time goes by and incentivizing creators with paid rewards.

It’s hard to say who will tip the balance in its favor.

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TikTok Stories Are Coming – Should Instagram Worry?
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