WhatsApp View Once Disappearing Media Is Here

A month or so ago we told you that WhatsApp was gearing up to launch a new feature for their chat platform. View Once (or as I called it View and burn) would make disappearing media possible; now, that feature is here.

“View Once” feature showed up this week in the manner we expected. With it active, WhatsApp helps users send photos and videos that are immediately deleted, after being opened by the recipient.

The whole process is seamless.

There is a 1 button next to the media sent, be it photo or video. Once tapped, the content can be viewed by the recipient just once, before disappearing. Of course, the sender knows whether it has been opened or not in a similar way.

That feature is very similar to the Instagram DM one and helps users send something that’s not worth revisiting or sensitive information such as a password, WhatsApp suggests.

That doesn’t mean the recipient can’t take a screenshot of it. So, make sure you truly trust the recipient with the content sent before going for it 😉

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WhatsApp View Once Disappearing Media Is Here
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