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Tile For Cats Tracker Launched, Lets You Discover Where Your Shy Cat Is Hiding

tile for cats tracker

I know you’ve been tempted from time to time to add a Tile tracker to your cat’s collar to see where exactly she’s hiding. Now, there’s a dedicated Tile for Cats tracker available, which fits much nicer on a collar.

Doing what needed to be done since the advent of trackers, Tile finally unveiled an actual cat tracker – and it’s a cheap way to keep tabs on your shy fur friend.

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The Tile for Cats tracker isn’t really fit to track outdoor cats, since it has a small range of 250 feet (about 75 meters). 

Still, anyone who has had to turn their apartment upside down to find where the kitty is hiding will probably order one. 

The Tile for Cats is $40 –  a cheap cat tracker that offers a lot of functionality for that price. 

Tile for Cats works for both Android and iOS and integrates with voice commands, so you can ask Google Assistant, Alexa or Siri to help find your cat. Even better, the Tile for Cats can be used with or without a Tile Premium subscription.

As the owner of 3 elderly cats who vanish into thin air when it’s time to take their meds, I added 3 of the Tile for Cats before even writing a paragraph of this story. 

Will you?

“The Tile Sticker’s non-removable battery lasts for up to three years, and the Sticker can be easily replaced within the accessory once the battery runs out. The durable silicone collar accessory is designed to sit close to the cat’s neck instead of dangling, fits the majority of cat collars, and can be stretched 1.7x without tearing or losing its form.

In addition, Tile for Cats is designed to withstand all of a cat’s indoor explorations, with dual attachment points and a special coating to prevent fur, dirt, and dust from sticking to it. The Sticker is compatible with voice-assisted finding through Alexa, Google, and Siri, allowing for hands-free feline locating,” says Tile.

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