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In Twitter “Speech”, Movidius CTO Reveals Friends Who Helped The Company Take The Lead

We have always believed that the only way to innovate, the only chance to really make a breakthrough in your field of choice is to take the lead. Be creative, come up with a plan and fight for it as much as you believe in it. In our #techtheleaders series, we found true leaders at the top of great companies who have the same approach to work and to this world. They know how important it is to try even if you fail, to take chances and to be surrounded by great people who will believe in you more than you do. A good example of that was Movidius‘ CTO surprising speech on Twitter.

David Moloney thanked in several tweets to the ones who helped his company get this far, at a point where Intel acquired them to work together on getting RealSense tech on most mobile devices. Several people from Google were mentioned for supporting Myriad2, their VPU, Chuck Moore was remembered for its help to get Myriad1 paper accepted, FotoNation‘s Petronel Bigioi & Sumat Mehra Co-GMs were thanked for introducing the company to FLIR. By the way, Movidius has just released the best thermal camera out there with FLIR called the Boson. Myriad 2 powers the miniature thermal cam with a processor integrated on it (SoS – system on system).

Coming back to the speech, Moloney didn’t forget anybody. In fact, he did a lot better than those prepared Oscar speeches at TV, mentioning not just family, friends and partners, but also their legal counsel, advisers and lessor of their first HQ.

It’s great to see companies and leaders who haven’t forgotten their roots and the people who helped them become who they are today. For a complete history of Movidius, check this page.

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In Twitter “Speech”, Movidius CTO Reveals Friends Who Helped The Company Take The Lead

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