Twitter True Black Dark Mode Incoming, According to Twitter CEO


Using dark mode in apps and websites is actually more important than you’d think: most of today’s smartphones can turn off their bright pixels completely when a website or an app displays a true black background and that means you’re saving your battery from a lot of trouble.

The dark mode conversation was also started by Wall Street Journal columnist David Pierce, who was subsequently tweeted by his colleague, Christopher Mims.

In an interesting turn of events, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey happened to reply to Android Headline’s editor Alex Maxham, who also had a lot to say about Twitter’s dark mode being actually more of a dark blue than a real black.

Dorsey said simply “Will fix“. And most likely already got to work on it, it seems. Looks like we’ll get to see a true dark mode coming to Twitter sooner than we thought, according to this exchange, which you can see below.

Most dark modes in apps usually come in shades of dark grey, which only solves the battery problem by half, at best. For those of us who happen to do some of our work on laptops or computers during the night, dark modes are more often than not, a heaven sent, not to mention they also reduce eye strain.

So if Twitter does deliver a true dark mode eventually, I’ll definitely be one of the first people to support it.

What about you? Do you prefer dark mode in apps or do you not consider it a useful feature at all?

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