UK And Europe Travelers, Forbidden To Bring Carry-On Laptops On US Flights

uk europe laptop carry on us flight

Going to US from Europe or UK? Bring your laptop while you still can. Yep, apparently Homeland Security is considering banning laptops coming from airplane passengers travelling from thosw two areas. #securitymagic?

After March incidents, American authorities are thinking of forbidding passengers from UK and Europe to take their laptops on the plane with them, in the carry-on luggage. If they carry on with this measure, US airlines will ask travelers to leave them with checked baggage, in the cargo hold. If there’s no checked baggage to speak of, well, then you’re out of options.

In case you’re wondering if this outrageous rumor is a delayed April prank, a brief statement released by the US Department of Homeland Security will put your concerns to rest: “No final decisions have been made on expanding the restriction on large electronic devices in aircraft cabins; however, it is under consideration”. This restrictive measure is a consequence of the laptop bomb found in a plane flying out of Somalia that led authorities believe that more terrorists are going to use laptops to hide bombs.

Problem is, both airlines and passengers are going to suffer from this ban. On one hand, business and first class passengers rely heavily on laptops during long, transatlantic flights, because that’s when they can take care of last minute tasks. Plus, all passengers – premium and economic – are wary of leaving their electronics, especially laptops, in the cargo hold where thefts are pretty commonplace. On the other hand, frustrated passengers are bad for airline business. Occupancy in first class could drop significantly. Plus, who says bombs in cargo holds are easier to deal with?!

Bottom line is, if this measure goes through, we doubt passengers will be safer or airline companies, happier.

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