Verizon’s Hum Will Keep Teens In Check At The Wheel

hum verizon

Parents, relax: your teen will never exceed speed limits or take your car to the other side of the town again, without you knowing it. Verizon’s Hum made it impossible with their latest updates: geofencing and speed alerts.

If you haven’t heard about the car add-on from Verizon, it’s high time you checked it out. The two-piece hardware system connects to the car’s OBD port and visor, while an app shows you every vital piece of information regarding your vehicle. At launch, Hum was bragging with car tracking and error codes alerts. Esentially, if anything went wrong with your car’s internal mechanisms, Hum would give you a heads-up. If you parked it in a bad neighbourhood and someone stole it, you’d know where it is and Hum would even contact the police from your behalf.

The recent features come as extensions for the ones before, with the only purpose of keeping you, your car and your kids safe. With speed alerts and geofencing, you will know your teenagers’ whereabouts and whether they’re going too fast or not.

Hum isn’t the only add-on connected car system out there; Automatic is a free technology but relies on cellular connection, while Vinli requires $199.99 upfront and a variable monthly fee.



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