Vivo V25 Pro Launches with Flashy Camera and An Even Flashier Color Changing Glass Case
vivo V25 Pro color-changing design

Vivo V25 Pro Launches with Flashy Camera and An Even Flashier Color Changing Glass Case

The Vivo X80 might be the 2022 flagship killer but the newly-launched Vivo V25 and the V25 Pro are definitely the more eye-catching devices.

Vivo presented their latest V-line phones, the Vivo V25 and Vivo V25 Pro, a pair of upper mid-range devices with features designed for those who snap pics of everything around them.

Both devices come with 120Hz screens, one of the features that used to be high end but now are expected past a certain price range. 

The highlight of them though is the camera. 

vivo V25 Pro color-changing design

Vivo V25 and Vivo V25 Pro Camera

Both of these devices come with a 64MP OIS ultra-sensing rear camera with upgraded OIS and EIS capabilities and an 8MP wide-angle camera.

However, the Vivo V25 Pro ups the ante with an upgraded Super Night Mode and a new Real-Time Extreme Night Vision feature which lets you manually adjust exposure intensity in real-time, so your low-light pics can look better.

Vivo put emphasis on the Super Night Video feature, which both brightens the footage and offers noise reduction to remove the grain so common in low-light videos.

On the front, the Vivo V25 has a 50 MP camera and the Vivo V25 Pro a 32 MP one, both with autofocus and eye focus functionality. If you’re wondering why the Vivo V25 Pro has less MPs, Vivo says that each camera type has its own advantages.

Since we all know it’s not always about the biggest numbers, that’s the case with the V25 Pro as well. 

Compared with the V25, you’ll want this one because it has better low-light performance and offers exclusively the AI Skin Retouching Algorithm, a beautifying feature that makes sure selfies come out flawless.

Vivo V25 and Vivo V25 Pro Specs

As for the other differences between the Vivo V25 and the Vivo V25 Pro, those extend to under the hood as well.

The V25 comes with a mid-range Dimensity 900 processor that promises to handle resource-intensive games, paired with 8GB/12GB RAM + 8GB extended RAM. It has a 4500 mAh battery with 44W FlashCharge that can give you a 0 to 61 percent charge in 30 minutes.

The V25 Pro upgrades the specs to a “quasi-flagship octa-core CPU”, the MediaTek Dimensity 800 coupled with 8GB/12GB RAM + 8GB extended RAM. 

Vivo says the upgraded chipset produces stunning 4K videos, and points to a new Bionic Cooling System that can handle the heat of an intense gaming session.

Here, the battery is larger as well, featuring a 4,830 mAh battery with 66W FlashCharge that goes from 0 to 81 percent in 30 minutes.

As for looks, the color changing glass cases are a unique selling point. Fortunately, they’re available on both devices, not just the Pro.

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Vivo V25 Pro Launches with Flashy Camera and An Even Flashier Color Changing Glass Case
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