Walk Around Your Future Home In VR Without Headset


Planning to re-do your house or move out? Before you settle on furniture and colors, it might do you some good to visualize your home as an end result. Virtual reality is the perfect technology to employ to do just that, but until you decide to invest in proper gear, a mobile app can do the trick. DIRTT has just released an iPhone app that doesn’t require a headset to help you walk around your future home #realitymagic

Doing It Right This Time (yes, that’s the bold name of the construction company) has used their own 3D software to design and manufacture customized-at-will interiors for 14 years now. “If a client has a unique material that they want to employ, the DIRTT solution can just grab it and assimilate it” is the attitude behind its success.

Now, DIRTT is ready to embrace virtual reality and make their services more appealing to techy customers. In that sense, they’ve launched ICEreality on AppStore. The app is built on top of their proprietary software, one that combines material data, prices, manufacturing and installation info in order to make a prospective customer’s vision, a reality.

Link the software with an ICE design file and the app renders the space visualized in VR on the iPhone at hand. Because it doesn’t require a headset to work, multiple users can enjoy the experience and provide feedback at the same time. They’re just turned into avatars to move around the rooms in real time: “This app embodies an essential human element that’s oftentimes missing in traditional virtual reality — the shared social experience of exploring a space.”

All changes applied modify the initial design in VR so users can play with different models and space arrangements. Plus, they’re synced seamlessly with backend data, informing users of the variations in pricing, too.

The app is free to download and works on iPhone 6s or newer models, upgraded to iOS11. To take full advantage of the experience, users need to have an ICE license; otherwise, they can play with a demo file just to get a feeling of the interface.

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