Want to Stop Facebook Tracking You Across the Web? You Can Now Finally Do It

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Trust in Facebook and what it does with user data is at an all-time low, thanks to a host of high-profile scandals like Cambridge Analytica and the company’s obsession to tracking your every move, even if you don’t use the platform. 

Now, it seems the social media giant is making actual steps to gain back user trust. 

If you want to know how to stop Facebook tracking you across the web, the new “Clear History” feature will come in handy. 

Mark Zuckerberg took advantage of World Privacy Day and, in a blog post, announced the global rollout of the Clear History feature promised more than a year ago.

“Other businesses send us information about your activity on their sites and we use that information to show you ads that are relevant to you. 

Now you can see a summary of that information and clear it from your account if you want to.” 

Of course, that only means you will get an overview of what websites syphon your personal data back to Facebook and ask Facebook to stop using it to tailor ads based on your browsing history. 

It’s not actually a way to prevent websites from tracking your every click. 

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For that, there’s the Off-Facebook Activity feature to prevent future tracking and Ad Controls. 

Go to your Settings, get to Ad Controls and turn off “Ads based on data from partners” if you don’t want Facebook serving you personalised ads based on information like the contact information you shared with other websites. 

Even the Ring doorbell app and other popular Android apps send data back to Facebook, according to an Electronic Frontier Foundation report that was recently released. 

In case you really want to disappear from Facebook’s radar, we’d recommend switching to a privacy-oriented browser like Firefox or Brave and adding a strong ad and tracker blocker like uBlock Origin.

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