Winamp Set For A Comeback in 2019


If you don’t remember the golden days of Winamp, then you are probably too young. Winamp was the MP3 player of choice back in the day, long before iTunes came to be and streaming services saturated the market.

The app was last updated in 2013 but lo and behold, it still works. And not only does it work, parent company Radionomy wants to completely reboot the service and turn it into an app that can pull all the sounds you can think of – podcasts, playlists, radio stations- into one platform.

So far, there’s not a lot of details, what we do know though is that Winamp will get a mobile app that will be available for both Android and iOS and the desktop version will also get a makeover. Version 5.8 will get an update on October 18th, which will be the first one the app got since 2013.

From there on, it’s all a mystery but if Winamp does manage to pull off this most ambitious of reboots to date, I think it will be a welcome addition to the media player market, at least for those of us who still hang on to the relics of the Wild Wild West our computers used to be back in the day.

What do you think? Are you excited or do you think it will prove to be a useless reboot?

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