The Palm Phone Is Back With A 3.3 Inch Screen and a 800mAh Battery


At a time when every smartphone company is making bigger and bolder screens, company Palm wants to make us feel more like the 90’s have returned. With a twist.

Palm is now delivering on the promise that the Palm phone will be the smallest, simplest smartphone on the market today. The Palm phone does not want you to forget your larger smartphones though – on the contrary, it hopes that its device will function more like an addition to the Androids and iPhones out there where one can simply leave their larger smartphone at home and just take the Palm with them instead.

The Palm phone has a 3.3. inch screen which is, more or less, the same size of a credit card and runs on a modified version of Android, designed to only deliver the basics.

Palm / YouTube

Everything’s small: the 445-ppi LCD display and the cameras are a rear 12-megapixel one and a front 8-megapixel selfie camera. It comes with 3GB of RAM, 32GB of storage and a Snapdragon 435. It’s not the most powerful device out there but since it’s so small and there are fewer pixels to drive, the phone feels fast enough to do whatever you need to have done with it. As long as it’s not, you know, the exact same things you’d do with your iPhone or Android.

It does not have a headphone jack though and does not benefit from wireless charging either.

But the most interesting feature is something called Life Mode. The feature enables a full set of Do not Disturb and Low Battery settings. All notifications are turned off and incoming phone calls are denied. This way, the Palm founders wanted the phone to be just a phone – not double as a device that will keep you distracted when you could be out there doing something more productive.

The phone is launching along with a number of accessories from cases and arm bands to the smallest Kate Spade clutches you’ve ever seen.

The phone will go on sale in November and it will be a Verizon exclusive, for $350.

If less is more, we’ll find out soon enough.

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