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Woman Created An A.I. To Replace Her Dead Friend


Soon, artificial intelligence won’t just be able to write poems or beat humans at crazy difficult games, it could also keep you company after a loved one has passed away. Eugenia Kuyda has made the first step in that direction, building with her team A.I. memorial chatbots #machinemagic

Kuyda is the co-founder of A.I. start-up Luka where neural networks are fed with messages from dead people in the hope of acting and chatting like them with the ones they left behind. Kuyda came up with the idea after losing a very dear friend, Roman Mazurenko.

She compiled 8000 lines of text messages he sent during his lifetime and waited for the bot to analyze them so it could answer naturally to her questions. Once she convinced herself Roman was evolved enough to do this almost flawlessly she launched the app where more people could talk to him.

As the printscreens added by the company prove, Roman’s answers can fool you:

Luka Roman Chat

It’s eery to think where nistalgia can send you, but in the same time we can’t deny the fact that what Kyuda has done is a proof of the endless possibilities artificial intelligence offer us. One day, our conscience might not be limited by the biological clock anymore.

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Woman Created An A.I. To Replace Her Dead Friend
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