Worldcore Biometric Software Analyzes Over 100 Voice Parametres Before Confirming Payment

voice key worldcore

Worldcore, a global payment platform, has introduced voice biometrics to authenticate clients safely.

VoiceKey is a biometric solution that takes into account over 100 voice parametres before giving access to accounts or confirming transactions. It’s a win-win: clients have an easier way to access their accounts, while the company “fights fraud” with flying colors.

Instead of setting a PIN code after opening an account at Worldcore, you simply record a phrase containing 10-12 syllables in 3-4 seconds that only you know. You should come up with a personal saying, even if it’s almost impossible to replicate your voice. Once the system registers the voiceprint, you will have to repeat it everytime you access your account or make a transaction.

Don’t worry, if you catch a cold, you will still be able to access the account. With noise-cancelling and voice detection technology, this shouldn’t be a problem at all.

For now, VoiceKey recognizes English, French, Spanish, Russian, German, Chinese and Korean languages, with more to be added monthly.

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