Deleting The Facebook App Might Save Your Smartphone’s Life

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Chances are you’re charging your smartphone daily if not twice a day. The culprit? That overused app you can’t stay away from. If more than one name comes to mind, check your battery usage in Settings to pinpoint which one is consumes most of your phone’s life.

If you’re a Social Media hound, Facebook might be to blame. In my case, Messenger is responsible for 17% of my iPhone’s juice, while the original Facebook app comes on third place, with 13% – close enough. Together, they’re using up more than a quarter of my battery.


A writer for the Guardian went through the same thing and managed to fix his problem in a drastical, no-turning-back way: deleting the apps altogether. This doesn’t mean we have to abstain from Facebook on the phone, but rather that we should access it from the Internet browser, in my case, Safari. This trick will save at least 15% battery, believes the writer.

In Safari, embedded videos won’t play automatically and I will have to scroll up everytime I need to send a message (Messenger’s function will be futile, in this case) or see a notification, but at least my iPhone will live to see better days. For this outcome, I’ll try it for a wekk and see how it goes – will you?



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