World’s First LCD-Based In-Display Fingerprint Sensor Is Here

World’s First LCD-Based In-Display Fingerprint Sensor Is Here

credit: Weibo

Yes, we know, an in-display fingerprint sensor is a must-have feature nowadays, and not just for flagship smartphones.

However, the problem in bringing this type of technology to mid-range devices consists in the fact that the in-display fingerprint sensor is only compatible with OLED displays. Also, the costs that OLED displays imply are not really small.

See, for the in-display fingerprint sensor to work, it is necessary that the light coming from the OLED panel captures the fingerprint. LCD’s can’t do that, so implementing this type of fingerprint sensor on one was impossible. Until now.

Fortsense had a major breakthrough, successfully developing the world’s first in-display fingerprint sensor for LCD. The R&D team solved the display effect, as well as the fingerprint imaging effect. Plus, they used an algorithm-based approach to perfect and better recognize the fingerprint on the LCD panel.

Of course, the breakthrough is great news for the manufacturers who will be able to put in-display fingerprint sensors without having to increase the price of the devices.

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