Apple To Integrate 120hz Displays For All iPhone 14 Models

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At some point, the iPhone 12 lineup was rumored to have a 120Hz refresh rate, but the integration of the feature hadn’t seen the light of day.

According to a new report by Elec, the current producer of LTPS displays – LG – will supply Apple with displays capable of a 120Hz refresh rate. If that’s the case, Apple will be able to integrate ProMotion technology across its entire ‌‌iPhone‌‌ 14 lineup, as its main display providers – Samsung and LG – will offer LTPO OLED displays.

Of course, the integration of 120Hz refresh rate will automatically imply a smoother experience scrolling, as well as a more fluid gaming experience and video streaming. 

The iPhone 14 could extend a 120Hz refresh rate for every design in the lineup, not just for their Pro and Pro Max models. The technology is already available for the iPad Pro display and could arrive in this year’s iPhone 13 lineup as a premium feature.

The high-end models of the lineup will most likely differ from the non-Pro devices, giving the company the opportunity to develop the 120Hz refresh rate to all designs without depreciating the Pro models.

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Apple To Integrate 120hz Displays For All iPhone 14 Models
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