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Would You Use A Google Keyboard On iOS?


You might think Google is unavoidable and unbeatable at this point. While that may be true, it doesn’t mean that the search engine giant is basking in its glory. Au contraire – Google is making sure it’s everywhere, from PC to tablets and smartphones, easy to access even from your keyboard. Hence, the company is developing a third-party keyboard for iOS, just as it has on Android.

keyboard android

The idea is to include Google image searches and text in the keyboard, so you will access it virtually anywhere, without having to go to the designated app. On the list of priorities, there’s gesture-based typing (you can slide your finger from one letter to the next and Google will complete your searched word) and GIF searches. You can also access the traditional web search by tapping the Google logo, sources for The Verge reveal. 

Why now, why a keyboard? It seems that while on the PC Google is a champ when it comes to search engines with many users typing things like “” or “Gmail”, on smartphones and tablets users simply access the platfroms from their apps. They are losing half of smartphone users, found one analyst.

The only problem with third party keyboards are the hoops you have to go through to access more than one. Constantly switching between them can be a pain to users but Google is a brand capable of sparking interest where there is little.

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