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Xiaomi Built A 4K Shooting Drone That Knows When To Return Home

Xiaomi finally unveiled the latest member of its ecosystem, a drone capable of shooting up to 4K video, with a flying time of up to 27 minutes and a “return mode” home that guarantees it will never get lost#actionmagic

Xiaomi followed, once more, its strategy to bring great specs at affordable prices when building and marketing this drone. It has almost everything you can think of under the hood, from a long-lasting 5,100mAh battery that will keep it up in the air for 27 minutes, surveying an area of 3 km to the 360-degree, 12.4-megapixel, RAW-capable camera. The image should be sharp and steady, thanks to a 3-axis self-stabilizing gimble that will be able to do up to 2,000 tilt corrections per second.

It’s definitely not a kiddy drone, although Xiaomi is well-aware of the fact that each of us can sometimes be total children and, in our enthusiasm, get the gadget lost in the trees or in a lake. For those moments, the Mi drone can be programmed to automatically return to a designated point. Of course, you can set it to follow you around or spy on your neighbours, making it cricle around a specific point. Everything is done from the remote where you can find a  camera tilt-adjusting dial, a shutter button, the landing and take-off switch, a place for your smartphone and antennas with a radio control range of up to 2km.

You can get the 1080p model for $380 and wait for the 4K one to be available at $450, as the crowdfunding campaign for it progresses today on the Mi Home app.

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