Xiaomi Releases Official Statement About Upcoming Foldable Phone

Xiaomi Releases Official Statement About Upcoming Foldable Phone


Everyone was expecting Xiaomi to start working on its very own foldable phone – after all, all the big names in the industry are competing against each other to make a foldable handset worthy of mass production.

The company encountered a leak or two in the past months but now it has finally released an official statement about its upcoming foldable device.

The statement, issued to LetsGoDigital, describes the phone itself and the fact that the phone’s display is developed alongside a yet unnamed partner.

LetsGoDigital has previously published some 3D renders where they showcased how the foldable device might end up looking like, while Xiaomi’s CEO Lin Bin released a video on Weibo where he is seen using the phone.

Now that Xiaomi is officially in the foldable phone race, we can say that things will get quite interesting, quite soon and we’re looking forward to see what innovations the companies will bring to the table in the upcoming months.

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