You Can Now Share Posts in Instagram Stories

Credit: Instagram Press

An update to the Android app (soon to come to iOS) now allows you to share posts from your social feed directly into Stories.

All the posts shared to Stories display the original poster’s username but you can only share posts from public accounts. One thing you can do is customize stickers and background, to add it a bit of your own touch to go with the shared post.

If you don’t want your own posts to be shared, that option is available to opt out of, in Settings.

Some say one of the reasons why Instagram has been working so relentlessly on its expansion of the Stories feature is to lure users away from Snapchat, which has not been doing so great lately, after its unsuccessful redesign.

Instagram is ever expanding, and they keep stretching their tendrils in as many areas as possible, to make the app as useful as it can be.

So far, users have not made a lot of noise about the new update, but give it a few days and we’re sure to hear some reactions.

If you use Instagram, did you find the new Stories update interesting so far?

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