You Can Now Take Even Better Photos of Your Pokémon With GO Snapshot


Niantic has some good news for all you Pokémon trainers out there: the photos you take of your little creatures via the augmented reality photo mode will get even better.

With the new Go Snapshot update, not only you will be able to take AR photos of your Pokémon but you will be able to pose and interact with them too.

To activate the feature, you’ll have to open the camera or search for the specific Pokémon you need inside your bag. You find yourself a nice spot after you choose your little friend and toss their respective Poke Ball towards that place on the screen.

From there on, you’ll be able to move the Pokémon around in order to find the most flattering angles. If you want it to turn around or if it’s not paying any attention to you, all you’ll have to do is give it a little brush.

You can take as many photos as you like and all of them will be saved automatically to your device.

According to Niantic, the feature will become widely available soon.

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