You Can Purchase The Palm Phone As A Standalone Android Device

You Can Purchase The Palm Phone As A Standalone Android Device


Do you remember the tiny 3.3 inch phone that Palm launched in 2018? The device was created to act as a companion to your full-sized phone. It shared the same number with it but none of the distractions and could easily fit in any pocket or bag thanks to its minimal design.

Verizon has decided that the small device fared pretty well so far, enough to warrant selling it as a standalone device. For the month of April, the phone will be available for only $199, which is a pretty big discount if you consider that its usual price tag makes you wallet $349 lighter.

The bad news is, if you’ve already purchased a Palm Phone as a companion to your regular handset, you’ll have to trade it in for this standalone version, if you want to use it as your primary device.

Of course, the users can also expect a software update to come along with the offer – they include HDR camera improvements, color balance and better low light performance. In addition to that, the battery performance will also see a change for the better, according to Palm.

All standalone devices will arrive with this update already installed but the companion versions will have to wait for it until the end of the month.

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