You Might Soon Be Able To Schedule Your Gmail Emails on Android


There are times when you just don’t want to send that e-mail right in that moment. Be it for organizational purposes or for other, more personal reasons, scheduling e-mails is a useful feature and you might now get that functionality for Gmail on Android as well.

According to 9to5Google, there are references for scheduling features present in the latest version of the Gmail app which point in that direction, with options for e-mail scheduling that range from two minutes to up to 50 years.

The users would also be able to cancel the future delivery of their messages by reverting them to drafts but will be unable to do this if the device doesn’t have any connectivity or prevent it by putting the device in Airplane Mode.

This particular scheduling code is quite hidden and, though Gmail 2019.03.03 is currently being rolled out via the Play Store, there’s no guarantee that Google will ship the new feature just yet.

Google is celebrating 15 years of Gmail next month though, so this feature (and perhaps others) might turn out to be the company’s gift to Gmail users.

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