Yi Handheld Gimbal

You Won’t Mess Up Your Videos Again With Yi’s Handheld Gimbal

After launching an action camera that offers about everything you’d need to shoot on the go, at a crazy-good price,  Yi was back at IFA with a gimbal for it. I had a chance to see it up close and let’s just say… the 10 minutes of visit turned into a half-an-hour testing round #actionmagic #ifa2016

Fernanda told me all about this new Yi gimbal and let me swerve it as I pleased. I have to say – I’m impressed. The 3-axis head with 3 stabilization modes really lets you be creative while restraining the shaky effect you’d normally get from running, cycling or parkour-ing. Besides, she told me that you can now get the 4k action cam and gimbal at only $399! It’s great that companies are really starting to think about the financial means of the end-consumer, making their products more and more budget-friendly.


To the untrained eye, it can look as a sturdy, yet light selfie stick. But the Yi gimbal is as smart as they come. It has a built-in high precision sensor and responsive brushless motor that makes working at high speeds a piece of cake, all while being extremely responsive and handling every vibration. Once you get accustomed to it, you can actually set a mode that works with your vision.

In Pan mode, the camera is locked in both tilt and roll but the pan axis moves in the same time as the gimbal. In Lock mode, all axis are locked and the gimbal faces just one direction. In pan and tilt mode, the roll axis is locked, while the remaining two follow the gimbal’s movement. While shooting, you can see how the gimbal is behaving directly on the YI 4K Action Camera LCD screen (if you’re using that one) or on the app and adjust the settings accordingly.

If you’re vlogging, you can get a compatible Yi Selfie Stick to get some distance between the camera and yourself or check out another universal  ¼” mount thread accessory. Before you ask the burning question, the battery will keep you running for up to 4.5 hours before you have to recharge.


Fernanda also told us Yi was getting onto the drone market. They’re preparing to unveil Erida, the world’s fastest tri-copter drone (three rotors) made from carbon fiber. It’s going to shoot in 4K (one of the keywords of this year’s IFA) and reach a top speed of 75mph! Yi Technology is preparing to unveil it at InterDrone, an event that takes place in Las Vegas this week.

Bottom line: This gimbal is an absolute must if you have an Yi 4k action camera at home or a GoPro. You can set it up however you like and it comes at a great price which is definitely a pro after spending all your money on the summer vacation. 

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You Won’t Mess Up Your Videos Again With Yi’s Handheld Gimbal

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