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Your Next Phone Will Edit Reality Itself, Believes ZTE: “This Is The Year Of AR”

Given the exciting promise and design of the ZTE’s latest products, the Blade V9 and the Axon M, we were excited to have a chance to meet and hold an interview with Jeff Yee, VP of Marketing and Strategy at ZTE, at Mobile World Congress. Yee showed off some of the features in both phones, particularly the Axon M, and gave us an idea of what to expect from our phones in the near future. According to Yee, augmented reality (AR) is only going to play a larger role in our mobile devices and ZTE looks to continue their trend of innovative design. #ttllive #mwc18

ZTE, one of the world’s largest smartphone manufacturers, was present at the trade show with the brand new Blade V9 (which we talked about in length here) and the foldable Axon M. The Axon M, which just rolled out in Europe, is unique as it has two screens that come together as one, allowing for both single and dual screen capabilities.

Careful to label it as a foldable screen, Yee hinted that while it may not be bendable yet, its successor might be: “We are absolutely working on a new Axon M, making sure it has a truly bendable display in the future. I can’t guarantee that will happen for the next version, but it is something that it is in development.”

When it comes to content and future capabilities of smartphones, Yee is certain of one thing:

This is the year of AR. […] Phones like the Blade V9, which is mid-range, will be able to do AR

A smartphone that supports augmented reality will become something of a reality editor, if you like. The only challenge at that point would be content in the form of apps.

But, as with virtual reality (VR), with the right incentive, content for these emerging tech can appear: “What that means for developers is that there are a lot of phones that are going to hit the market very soon. When developers see more phones, there will be more apps”.

To hear more about ZTE and the future of their smartphones, check out the interview above!

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