Zoom's Focus Mode Aims To Keep Students Focused in Class

Zoom’s Focus Mode Aims To Keep Students Focused in Class

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Zoom continues to play a huge role in the working remote scene, as well as a key part of many students’ experience with school during the pandemic. On that note, Zoom brings a new feature to keep help students stay focused in class while using the video conferencing tool.

Called Focus Mode, the new feature aims to prevent students from getting distracting in virtual classrooms, allowing teachers to see all the students, while they can only see the teacher.

From a student’s view, their colleagues will only see the names of students in available windows, but not their activity.

“Focus mode is designed with the digital learning environment in mind, allowing students to stay attentive or work on their tasks while under supervision, without being distracted by others and their tasks,” reads a support page on Zoom’s website detailing the feature.

According to Zoom’s Focus mode support article the feature can be turned on for accounts, groups, or individual users and can be reached by clicking the More button.

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Zoom’s Focus Mode Aims To Keep Students Focused in Class
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