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12 Tips For Creative Selfies That Will Attract Followers


There’s no point in taking a selfie if you’re not going to share it, right? You know it, we know it. Problem is, how do you post a selfie without looking like a big narcissist? How to justify the share without bragging about your look that day? There are ways; tips that can help you be cool, not just “look cool”, and attract followers. These are ours #mobilemagic


1. Use the power of light. Take selfies that showcase your best features, with the light in front of you (avoid backlit portraits). Always try to use natural light; wait for early evening or snap in the early morning, when the light is soft and beautiful. If you’re indoor, make sure you stand next to a window.

2. Know your best side. Every person has a side of their face that looks better in pictures. Usually, it’s your left side, but take many shots before making a decision.

3. Play with angles. When you’re seated, place your phone at a higher level. For a full, frontal selfie, place it at a lower level.

4. Use your grid in camera modes. This will help you position yourself in a way that respects the “rule of thirds”.

5. Look into the light right before snapping a selfie. Your pupils will shrink, avoiding the red eye look.

6. Adjust white balance if your device allows it. If the native camera app doesn’t, use a thrid-party application like Snapseed.

7. Use camera app functions, including filters. Adjust structure and sharpness to get a soft look and use the healing brush to remove blemishes. Once you have a clean, beautiful “canvas” to work on, go to filters. Instagram offers plenty of them now but choose the ones that complement your features and don’t go overboard with saturation. Alternatively, use a smartphone with beautification functions embedded in the native camera app. Yes, they exist! OnePlus 3, Oppo F1S, Axon 7 are just a couple of smartphones with FotoNation’s FaceSavvy tech that adjusts skin tone, texture, white balance, contrast and apply make-up.


8. Buy a small smartphone lens kit. The macro and fisheye lens clip-ons will give you the freedom to go creative with your selfies. Why take a frontal face shot when you can focus on your eyes or lips? Why take an ordinary selfie when you can experiment show some of the background?

9. Take a phone tripod with you when you want maximum precision. Alternatively, shoot remotely with a Bluetooth smartphone remote or by using your earphones’ “+” button to release the shutter button.


10. The easiest trick for a different sort of selfie is to use the b&w filters. These will add drama or a sense of nostalgia to your shots. More importantly, done right, it will take your selfies from Narcis land to artist lab.

11. Take advantage of your environment. Avoid extreme close-ups and try to include your background in your selfies. Make a pun by using signs, statues, grafitti or tell a story using diverse elements and different expressions. Another way to use your environment is to take advantage of natural elements; use a puddle of water for a reflected selfie or the wind for a dreamy picture.

12. Get inspired by checking other creative guys like you. You’ll see some of them using pictures of their younger selves to create an artsy before & after or involving mirrors and drawings to attract followers. Others take close-ups of statues and animals with one phone then take a selfie with another smartphone of the first device superimposed on the face.

Now & Then: Actor Terence Stamp. © Betina La Plante.


Pencil vs Camera. By Ben Heine

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