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Amazon Could Release Alexa-Powered Smart Glasses By The End Of The Year

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If Google Glass didn’t work, Amazon hopes their Alexa version will. That’s why the company is working on similar smart glasses, which are rumored to be released by the end of the year. #objectmagic

A report from Financial Times has suggested that Amazon is developing Alexa-powered smart glasses and a “smart” security camera. While the news comes at an unexpected time, it’s not that shocking, really. The founder of Google Glass, Babak Parviz, joined Amazon three years ago and is presumably at the helm of this new project.

Rumor is Amazon’s smart glasses will not be too different from a regular pair of spectacles. Unlike those, though, this one will be packed with technology. It will feature a microphone, a wireless chip and an earbuds-free bone-conduction system. The latter will help Alexa whisper directly in your inner ear.

Little information has transpired regarding the home security camera. It’s believed that it would complete the Echo lineup nicely. Echo Protect, as it is called now, would help users by transmitting a live video feed to the Echo Show from the front door, when a package arrives, for instance. As you know, Amazon has so far released the Echo Dot and Tap speakers, Echo Show and the Echo Look camera for fashion-inclined people.

But with these two products coming up, they will have some competition. Apple’s plan of launching Project Mirrorshades (AR glasses with integrated touch panels) is not going away, while security cameras like Nest are already too popular to ignore.

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