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Andy Rubin’s Essential 360 Camera Is Extremely Lightweight And Budget-Friendly

essential 360 camera

Yesterday, Andy Rubin and his startup, Essential, made headlines with a new Android concept phone. The Essential handset manages to couple great hardware with an even cooler display. But that wasn’t the only highlight of the day. The phone’s accessories, including a 360 camera, got our attention too. Small, capable and budget-friendly, it’s definitely something you need if you’re considering buying the Essential Phone #actionmagic

The miniature 360 camera is not exactly a freebie, but it’s definitely low-priced. At an added $50 (besides the cost of the Phone), it’s quickly becoming a bargain in the 360-camera world. So, what’s the catch? Well, it’s clearly an incentive to buy Andy Rubin’s first Phone. Not only because of the pretty discount (if you buy it separately, it will cost you $199) but also because it’s supposed to attach to the rear of the handset.

essential 360

As we were saying, the smartphone features a magnetic connector on its back. Once pinned there, the camera can shoot 4K 360 video at 30fps with its dual 12MP fisheye lenses. The sharp video footage will be accompanied by clear audio from a four-microphone input. How does it stay active all the time you’re recording? Thanks to the small pins attached to the phone. The integration should be seamless, so you ought to feel like this secondary camera was there to begin with. It also helps that it’s very tiny and weighs just 35 grams.

If Andy Rubin’s idea of a mobile ecosystem sounds good, head over to the the company’s online store to order the devices.

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