Boston Dynamics’ Atlas Robot Goes Jogging

Boston Dynamics might have gone from Google to Softbank, but the company is still making amazing strides in the field of robotics. The same can also be said about Atlas, their most famous humanoid robot.

When we wrote in November that Atlas could soon be a parkour sensation, we definitely didn’t expect him to be able to jump obstacles so soon!

Watch as Atlas goes jogging in the video above! You’ll see an impressive, albeit a bit scary demonstration of how far this bipedal robot can go.

You’d half expect to see Will Smith chasing it in an iRobot sequel, if only the actor wasn’t so busy trying to hook up with the other famous robot, Sophia.

Atlas is just 1.5m tall and is pretty lightweight, too. Due to the use of 3D printed components, this humanoid robot weighs just 75 kg.

Who knows, perhaps we’ll see it competing in the Boston Marathon next year?

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