Google Earth Can Now Be Explored In VR

Google Earth VR

For those of you who’d love to escape from home and end up in the middle of Paris, on a dusty path in the Grand Canyon or in space, Google Earth VR is the answer #realitymagic

The pleasure of exploring other sites is now reachable in virtual reality. Instead of getting a plane ticket to get to Paris, you can now walk on the cobbled streets in a break from work. Better yet, you’ll be able to see skyscrapers and bridges from above and put yourself in the shoes of a giant.

Google Earth VR is available at Steam for HTC Vive, free of charge. It’s definitely worth a try, especially if you’re just adapting to the VR scene. This experience, as immersive as it is, will not make you interact with others, instead taking a more laid-back approach and letting you explore your surroundings without pressure. In fact, if you want to zone out completely, you’ll be able to go into space and see how Earth looks from outside.

Get a sense of the new experience for VR from Google in the video below:

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