Lenovo Glass Wants To Change The Way You See Work

lenovo new glass c200 augmented reality

Lenovo presented their own pair of augmented reality glasses at this year’s CES. While it looks very similar to the Google Glass, Lenovo’s device is more work-related than entertainment-oriented. It combines AR with AI to improve the usual work day #realitymagic

Lenovo’s New Glass C200 offers a Glass Unit with straps to stay attached to your head and a Pocket Unit for extra processing power and LTE connection. The monoculars can identify about 20 types of objects thanks to computer vision and artificial intelligence and then display information about them (including repair instructions, if the case) with augmented reality.

Imagine how useful will this be for industrial workers, for instance. They’ll get to see their work in a brand new light. Also, they will be able to interact with the headset through voice, gesture and button control. Users can also ask for other colleague’s opinions to solve matters faster.

Lenovo said the New Glass C200 will ship starting with June 2017.

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