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Nest Cam IQ Has Supersight To Spot Villains Indoors

nest cam iq

What do you need from a surveillance camera? To spot bad guys trying to break in the home or office. But most indoor ones keep track of every movement in their field of view – friend or foe. So, it’s entirely possible that when a stranger breaks in, a camera doesn’t capture him – either batteries are depleted after recording hours of the dog’s shenanigans or storage is full. Here’s where Nest Cam IQ comes in and saves the day – the home camera is capable of distributing its resources smartly to not only capture the trespasser in 4K but zoom in his face#securemagic

Nest Cam IQ looks very similar to the Cam Outdoor, although it’s meant to go on your shelf. It has a tilting head that stays put once you get its position right, multicolor LED that show when it’s active, a three microphone array and speakers seven times more powerful than those found in the original Nest Cam. The hardware has been definitely upgraded but its software does all the magic.

The camera has the ability to switch from 1080p video recording to 4K when it senses real danger, i.e. when it detects something unusual like suspicious movement from a never-before-seen villain. Once it identifies the presence of a human in the house (when there should be none), it sends an alert to the owner along with a custom-captured zoomed in photo.

Even better, the new Nest Cam has a feature called Supersight. Once in the app, it allows the user to see a picture-in-picture live view of the tracked people up close, as well as a 130-degree wide-angle look at everything else. The software is capable of doing motion tracking, keeping the person’s face in focus while recording.  If the person’s face features are hard to see still, the user can zoom in to get a better view.

Other UX features you should know about:

  • Person Alerts is standard now, so it can send notifications automatically whenever it captures a person in the field of view
  • Nest Aware allows users to help the camera differentiate between family members, trusted neighbors and strangers
  • Audio cues are deciphered easily with a Nest Aware subscription

Nest Cam IQ costs $299 and is available for pre-order in U.S.

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