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Nokia Shows Off Smart Jacket For First Responders

nokia smart jacket modular kolon gina software mwc 2018

Nokia really upped their game at MWC 2018, so pry your eyes off of their gorgeous flagship Sirocco 8 and check out the Nokia smart jacket! #objectmagic

Called the CHASE (short for connected health and safety equipment) LifeTech FR (short for first responders), it’s a collaboration between Nokia, the Czech software developer Gina and Kolon, a South Korean fashion brand.

Underneath the classic, bright yellow/green design there’s a host of hi-tech modules designed to increase safety for first responders like the police or firefighters. You can see them in the chest and arm area in the image above.

The smart jacket relies on Nokia modular sensors that track the wearer’s GPS location, temperature, and heart rate. It even features an accelerometer so it can detect if a responder falls down, for example.

That data is then sent back to the software provided by Gina, which tracks the officers’ movements and conditions.

It could, for example, locate missing first responders after tragedies like earthquakes. It could also pull out from the field those workers who are showing signs of dangerous exhaustion or ask for help using the module with the SOS button.

Because of the endless possibilities for customization and microUSB-charging modules, the Nokia smart jacket shows a lot of promise for all kinds of scenarios.

Kolon, the ones responsible for the design, used materials like GORE-TEX for breathability and waterproof properties and added 3M reflective details.

If you were thinking to upgrade your winter wardrobe with some smart fashion,  unfortunately, there’s no word yet on pricing or a release date.

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