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Sony Developed A Smartphone Camera Sensor That Shoots at 1,000fps

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Sony is wasting no time in producing innovative, kick-ass sensors. The manufacturer has just announced that a new 3-layer, 1,000fps-shooter CMOS sensor is in town #mobilemagic

The “father of all sensors” has just developed one that could take photography to a whole new level. Sony released the first ever 3-layer CMOS sensor with DRAM that captures 1080p slow-mo video at 1,000 frames per second! No joke. Plus, the sensor can take 19.3MP images in 1/120th of a second and allows minimal focal plane distortion.

These features make it four times faster than other chips. Because high-speed shooting data is stored on the DRAM and output at a normal speed, a conventional ISP can be used, says Sony.

To get a better grasp on things, think about the sensors on last year’s best phones, iPhone 7 and Google Pixel. Both have Sony sensors but can only shoot 1080p slow-motion at 120 fps. Can you imagine the performance they will deliver in a couple of years with this tech?

The temptation is too big to pass, don’t worry. Smartphone manufacturers will fight to get this sensor on their devices first.

If It Has a Camera, We Know Something About It.

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