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This Small Add-On Turns Your Smartphone Into A Thermal-Imaging Camera


If you were a spy in a previous life or simply work in constructions now, this tiny add-on will catch your eye. Called the Seek CompactPRO, the device plugs into your smartphone to transform it in a thermal-imaging camera #objectmagic

We know, the CAT phone offers this feature from the get-go, but if you’re rather fond of your iOS or Android device, Seek add-on is a better solution. It weighs less than half an ounce, it has a 320 x 240 sensor array and the compatible app can read thermal images from -40 to 625 degrees Fahrenheit. The distance it can do that is pretty impressive, too – from up to 1,800 feet away!

The camera is almost 500$ but if you need thermal imaging technology for more than just snooping around, you should consider picking this up. By the way, a future update to the app will allow you to store the images take in radiometric file format, if you need to analyze them later.

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