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Larger Than Life: World’s First Single Shot 8×10 Digital Camera

largesense 8x10 camera

If you thought medium-format was an extravagant choice for shooting, wait until you see LS911, the world’s first single shot 8×10 digital camera from Californian company LargeSense.

Pixel size definitely matters, so LargeSense didn’t hesitate and put a 9×11-inch monochrome sensor in this camera, with a 75-micron pixel size! If you’re wondering why did they go with “8×10” in their promotional materials, well that’s because “that is the closest format that people search for.”

As the description suggests, this camera’s sensors reads the image captured at once, making it extremely attractive for photographers that shoot moving subjects. The output is a 12MP, 3888×3072 resolution photo with a “3D feeling”.

LS911 shoots in monochrome but there’s a system to create tri-color images with the help of filters.

Such big images need a storage space that can handle the load, so LargeSense outfitted their cam with a 900GB one. Each photo can be saved in one of the following formats: DNG, TIFF 16 bit, TIFF 32 bit, RAW, and JPEG.

Photographers also have the option to record 4K lossless video with it at up to 26fps. Before we get to the price, there are a couple of other specs you should consider:

  • maximum sensitivity of ISO 6400
  • shutter speeds as fast as 1/26s
  • external LC shutter in the works, with speeds up to 1/500 sec
  • display for frame and focus adjustments

Now, that you have the whole picture, you’ll understand the hefty price tag: $106,000! 

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